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Introduction [the actor enters the stage]

Name: Bethany, also known as Euphony, Like Autumn, and MidnightWhisper7 on various web forums and fiction sites.

Preferred form of Utena The visual style of the manga really appeals to me, and Chiho Saito's artwork is beautiful. But I have to say I prefer the anime, since it is so complex and mind-bending and interesting. Many of the characters are also better developed in the anime (Anthy, Miki, Kozue) while others are totally different (Juri, Touga). I just feel that the plot of the anime is more unique than that of the manga.

Favorite character: Unlike most anime and manga, most characters in Utena have something really messed up about them. They have true faults, and that's what I love about the series. In terms of analysis (which I love to do), Anthy is certainly a tricky character to understand. She's mysterious and not quite what she seems. I like Juri a lot; her episodes are some of the most touching and bittersweet. She's actually really noble at heart, and she isn't as selfish as some of the other characters. Her flaws are what drive her character. I also kind of relate to her, since I've had a bit of a sexual orientation crisis myself.

I also love the Shadow Play Girls, in all their craziness. I love the dynamic between A-ko and B-ko, and how their little skits seem so simple yet are really so wise. I love formulating theories about who (or what) they really are. I think they're so cool because it's strange to hear really profound statements coming from cute schoolgirls with eccentric hairstyles.

A moment from Utena that just sticks in your craw, the first thing that pops to mind. The final dancing scene in Episode 3. It's very sweet.

A Fanfic by Another Author:

Five Senses of Jealousy by Luc Court. This is a one-shot semi Shiori x Juri piece from Shiori's point of view. It's very well-written and gives a lot of insight into a character who is for most purposes just a foil.

My Fanfiction:

writing_glow is my writing journal where I post all of my stories. I also have fanfiction posted at and under the username MidnightWhisper7. I don't have anything for Utena written yet, but only because I'm relatively new to the fandom and no good ideas have struck me yet. But there are so many delicious opportunities for Utena fanfic that I can't wait to write for it (I already have a little smidge of an idea about the Shadowgirls running through my head. We'll see). Most of my stories focus on character depth and unique plot ideas. They're mostly one-shots, since I have a very low attention span when it comes to keeping up a multi-chaptered fic.

I like to re-read what I write at times and find myself wondering, Wow, did I really write that? at times.

Anything else we should know? I love reading and discussing fanfiction. So feel free to comment with questions or suggestions.

I have to have a good time in this community.
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