Bethany (euphonious_glow) wrote in utena_inscribed,

anime-verse: Anthy/Utena, PG

Title: Beautiful Anomaly
Fandom: anime
Pairing: Anthy x Utena
Rating: PG
Spoilers: ending of Apocalypse Arc

After a thousand years living on Earth, Anthy thought she understood every aspect of human behavior. The bonds between people, the numerous patterns that made up their daily lives, the subtly defined formulas behind every aspect of interaction.

It was her fate, the fate of a witch, to atone for her sins. She wore the dress of the Rose Bride as a mask, and her role encompassed her completely until her true self was buried deep inside, too deep for her to ever hope to recover. She had forgotten the girl she once was, who long ago took joy in the wind and the sun, whose passion had consumed her and left her bitter and wasted. She deserved to suffer for how she had betrayed her love. There was nothing remaining of that old flame but a mere act, devoid of anything resembling emotion, and all remnants of pleasure had long gone.

Love was something she'd learned long ago was just a passing fantasy.

But then Utena had appeared, neither witch nor princess, and Anthy for the first time did not know what to think. She thought she had the measure of the girl's worth within the first day of meeting her, thought her naivety could only lead to her downfall.

And though the girl did fail in the end, and her name and her face became only a shadow among Ohtori's halls, her words did not die from Anthy's memory. Utena gave Anthy the strength to break the world's shell on her own, to free herself from the chains of her sin. She realized she could become her own prince, instead of waiting for one to rescue her.

Someday, she would find Utena and thank her. Until then, she had a lot of living to catch up on.
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