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Survey Bugger:

- - - Your name.

Lyn works just fine.

- - - Your preferred form of Utena (i.e., series, movie, manga, dub or sub), and why.

Series, hands down. The introspective into the characters lives was realistic and enthralling. I felt as though I could relate to nearly all of them, and that they were ultimately completely human. There weren't truly any 'villian's or 'right or wrong'. It was enlaced with heavy symbolism that left me clawing for more, and I'm a huge sucker for anything full of meaning. I wish every anime was this in depth and beautiful, but as of yet, nothing can touch the Utena series for its pure brilliance.

- - - Favorite character (if you can decide), and why.

Two, actually. Utena and Juri. Utena because of her extreme complexity of nature and her ultimate goal to shatter bounds and become a prince despite what people tell her. (Plus, who can deny the awesomeness of pink hair?). Juri for being a woman torn apart on the inside, and recovering with her cold overcoat. Its something I can indefinately relate to.

- - - A moment from Utena that just sticks in your craw, the first thing that pops to mind. The catch? No spoilers.
Anything where Wakaba and Utena are together, being the good friends that they are. Wakaba is so eternally loyal to Utena its almost heartbreaking. We all want friends like this, I should hope.

- - - Link us to a fanfic (by someone else; this is not writer-ego time) and tell us why you like it. It doesn't have to be your Favorite Piece of Writing in All the World, though it could. Just something you appreciate.

Links to Fanfiction.net

This combines the epic fairytale theme of Utena with a very Juri and Shiori-esque view. It gives an eye-opening introspective into the more childish fantasies that both of them share, with a mature twist. It makes me think of two young children that have grown to adulthood, but refuse to leave their past behind and in order to hold onto it they have distorted it beyond what it originally meant to them.

- - - Now it's writer-ego time. Tell us about your own fanfiction, if you've written any. Links would be nice. If you aren't a writer--and readers are what make the world go round--tell us what you think about fanfiction as a reader or in general.

I have just recently started the difficult and fun task of writing fanfiction, so as of current I have only written two Utena fictions - one ungoing and the other a short fic to try an see an introspective into Juri and Shiori.

My best writing comes from pencil and paper, but I write my fanfiction on the computer, so its an interesting experience and results in many frustrations. I TRY to be a description maniac and therein attepmt at very poetic and colorful writing, but it is harder to create it with the steady typing of keys.

The Juri and Shiori fic is included in this post, if you're interested in reading.

- - - Anything else we should know?
I am paranoial about writing romance for no apparent reason, so if I write any and its particularily laughable that's likely the contributing factor.

- - - Now say hi!
Hey all!

Title: Falling in Love
Pairing: None, really, though if you squint and jump up and down you could say Shiori and Juri
Rating: PG
Spoiler Warnings: If you haven't seen the first two Juri based episodes this contains information on histories presented in them
Summary: Juri and Shiori were good friends in their childhood, but secrets would break them apart. A deeper look into the past of these two characters.

Constructive Critism is looked upon with great love. Being new the fanfiction world I'll look for any tidbit of information. And to get this out of the way now, I spell Juri, Juuri intentionally.

Falling in Love

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And to get this out of the way now, I spell Juri, Juuri intentionally.

Now you've gotten me all curious. Why do you it spell it that way?
Nothing special really: Juri, when pronouncing the j as a y (german classes die hard), seemed dangerously close to a popular anime name of Yuuri. I wondered if perhaps the name was a derivation of this and discovered that 'Juuri' meant 'root' (not in Japanese, unfortunately - I think its Finnish?). As in a physical plant root. It ties in very well with the Utena 'rose' theme as Juuri has always symbolized the more rational or 'rooted' of the group of council members. I guess you could entitle it to my desire to put an extra little symbolic bit into my works.

That's pretty much it.