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The Introductory Survey:

Name: nishatalitha

Preferred form of Utena:

Anime, subbed - liked both the series and the movie. Movie is shorter, so will be easier to rewatch and I saw it first. I've only seen it subbed, so would probably prefer it that way - I tend to prefer things the way I first saw them. Don't know if I'll ever get around to watching it in English. The manga, when I get around to reading it, will be in English, though.

Favorite character:

I adore Anthy and Utena, and I admire Jury's strength, resolve and honour.

- - - A moment from Utena that just sticks in your craw, the first thing that pops to mind. The catch? No spoilers.

The no spoilers thing means I can't use the moment that sticks in my mind the most - it involves Jury, though.

From the series - Anthy and Utena on in bed facing each other, reaching out and clasping hands.

A fic I like

Blood Roses by Harukami - post-series, this is lovely and surreal; it makes sense, mostly.

- - - Now it's writer-ego time. Tell us about your own fanfiction, if you've written any. Links would be nice. If you aren't a writer--and readers are what make the world go round--tell us what you think about fanfiction as a reader or in general.

Haven't written any Utena. Haven't written for a while, actually. Last thing I almost wrote - that I still need to write was Saiyuki. I tend to read more.

- - - Anything else we should know?

*shrugs* I tend towards lurking - like I said, I haven't written for ages. My studies and my job tend to occupy most of my brainpower for that sort of thing and a few years ago I fell into writing Live Action Roleplaying Games with other people, and find I enjoy that more: I get all the fun of writing the characters and the world and then I get to set them loose and see what happens.

- - - Now say hi!


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